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14+ Awesome Facebook Groups for Church Leaders

Have you found many church Facebook groups lately?

Church Facebook groups are handy places to connect with other brothers and sisters in Christ and share what we’re learning to reach other people.

Recently, I started a Church Facebook group, the Church Communications Group. It’s been a great place to get information and to learn from each other.

Recently, someone on the group asked if there were other groups about specific facets of ministry so I put together this list. This is a CURATED list, meaning I chose to promote the groups that I feel are beneficial.

Church Communications Related

Church Communications

This is the group that Darrel and I started. We created it as a place for church communicators could ask questions about branding, PR, social media, and more. Join us!

Visual Church Media

The inspiration for our group came from this group. Jeff has created a fantastic community. This group mostly focuses on the audio/visual component of worship.

Church Social Media Managers

This group is for support and discussion for those who run church pages (any form of social media platform).

Student and Children’s Ministry

Children’s Pastors and Children’s Ministries Leaders

A place where all Children’s Pastors, Leaders and Volunteers can network with each other for ideas, share prayer needs and provide support and encouragement. All are welcome who serve with kids.

Children’s Pastors Only

It’s a community to build up, encourage and equip Children’s Pastors by sharing ideas for Children’s Ministry. This group is for anyone who serves in any area of Children’s Ministry. Everyday Youth Pastors established and maintains this group to create a space for Youth Pastors to come together, encourage each other, build and strengthen connections, and have civil discourses about things pertaining to Student Ministry.

Youth Pastors Only

Do you have ideas to share? Prayer requests? Exciting stories? Funny stories? Need to be ministered to? Spiritual Struggles? Frustrated with ministry? Need to vent? Need help with ideas? Need advice?


Worship Leaders +

A community for Worship Leaders.

The Church Collective: Community

The community page for The Church Collective. A place to discuss all things worship and encourage each other.

Worship Musicians Worship Leaders focus group for Worship Leaders. This is a group focused entirely on the ministry of the Worship Leader.


Preaching Rocket

This space is for you to find and connect with others pastors who are just like you. It is designed for you to give ideas and ask for help. We love hearing about your Bottom Line for the weekend, series ideas or even how God is speaking to you right now.

Small Church Pastor

The Small Church Pastor group provides a safe place of encouragement, resources, ideas, prayer requests…and laughs between senior pastors and the spouses of senior pastors.

Small Group Network

SGN exists to connect, encourage, and resource small group ministry point leaders in relational communities.


The Peony Project

I personally love this group. –> We exist to provide a source of community in the wide world of blogging. If you’re excited about what Jesus is doing through you and others in our little corners of the internet, if you crave a common space to share ideas and encourage one another, and if you’re looking to make real, honest friendships in this crazy place called the world wide web, then you came to the right place!

Church Facebook Groups

Have you started or found any other helpful church facebook groups? I’d love to know!

Leave me a comment with a link to it below.

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