I’ve never made a list of things I want to do in a certain year. I almost always make a list of resolutions, or things I don’t wanna do, and then end up doing them anyway. So these things, are things that I want to do.


  1. Watch my brother graduate college.

  2. Go to NY and see my baby!! cousin, Ethan, graduate high school with my whole family.

  3. Hang all of my documents/photographs on the walls of my room.
  4. Make a business plan.
  5. Make my personal website.
  6. Buy a new Mac.
  7. Freelance more.
  8. Write more blog posts.
  9. Join a gym?… Use the gym at the school?
  10. Be less stressed? Is that possible?
  11. Go fishing more. Actually get a fishing license.
  12. Learn to clean a fish that I caught, cook, and eat it.
  13. Eat more local veggies.
  14. Get certified in something.
  15. Take a road trip.
  16. Have jaw surgery and recover quickly in July (Ok, this one I have to do, but ya know I’m including it)
  17. Go to two concerts. Try to make James Taylor, Bob Segar, or Elton John one of them.
  18. Visit the beach, three times. It’s only an hour away.
  19. Fix something that seems impossible to fix.
  20. Invent something. Be inspired and reminded by the time you made a DIY laptop cooling stand.
  21. Go see some camp friends.
  22. Sell my camcorder. Buy a DSLR. (Panasonic HMC-40, $1000, any takers?)
  23. See the moonpie drop.
  24. Go to Mardi Gras in Fairhope.
  25. Feel like I have one complete, cute, pintrest-worthy outfit.
  26. Make my blog more Pintrest worthy.
  27. Write more of my recipes down.
  28. Ride my bike/Fix my bike.
  29. Go to the History Museum of Mobile.
  30. Go on a historical tour of homes in Mobile.
  31. See the inside of Barton Academy, downtown.
  32. Train for/Run a 5k.
  33. Watch all the movies including Julie Andrews in one day.
  34. Drink more water.
  35. Plant and grow tomatoes.
  36. Plant and grow romaine lettuce.
  37. Wink at some cute guy that I don’t know.
  38. Dance more.
  39. Visit a zoo.
  40. Visit a garden.
  41. Finally get out of our AT&T contract.. ok that’s more March 2014, but I’m still going to endure it all year.
  42. Oh! Get my braces off, December 2013! == Straight awesome teeth.
  43. Go on more dates. That means somebody better get to asking.
  44. Start intentionally discipling someone. Don’t be shy about it.
  45. Eat more salad.
  46. Do homework sooner. Schedule homework time better.
  47. Make MyUM better. One step at time, folks.
  48. Make an app for UMobile. Ok, that one is aiming for the stars. For me, at least.
  49. Be more thoughtful. Bake more brownies/cookies.
  50. Cut the grass at the house. Wear a mask.
  51. Plant hearty flowers in random places. Beautify America!
  52. Don’t drink any Coke. (that just became a don’t. whoops)
  53. Hold a full time job for one year! August 2013, here we come!
  54. Make a ridiculous website/twitter for no good reason.
  55. Try to not write in stream of consciousness.
  56. Try not being mad at yourself when you fail miserably at not writing in a stream of consciousness.
  57. Read Devil in the White City, An American in Hitler’s Berlin, The Casual Vacancy, The Dovekeepers, and more random books by Anita Diamant.
  58. Read the whole bible. (I’ve gotten 20 days into a bible reading plan, I CAN FINISH!)
  59. Play ping pong, or find a place to play ping pong.
  60. Continue to balance checking accounts.
  61. Finish CodeAcademy’s Year of Code.
  62. Help someone digitally create a children’s book.
  63. Repurpose something into something else without a lot of modification.
  64. Start and finish 3 pintrest DIY projects.
  65. Create more storage in the bathroom.
  66. Clean out my tall, black dresser.
  67. Go on a boat.
  68. Print MORE PICTURES!!!!
  69. Go to Alaska and see the Northern Lights in Alaska.
  70. Visit Washington, DC.
  71. Finish this list.

What’s on your list? Post me a link back to your blog inspired by this post. I’d love to see and maybe steal a couple of your ideas.

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