I’ve learned and done a lot in 2016. While I realize it is now February 2017, I wanted to post this brief personal annual report of 2016.

Here’s a recap.

  1. Launched the Church Communications Facebook Group in mid-January 2016. Started in December 2015.
  2. Went to Las Vegas for NAB. Got to see some cool drones and more Adobe stuff then I’ve ever seen in my life.
  3. Went to Vermont on Creative Missions.
  4. Launched Facebook Live at Brentwood.
  5. Did a lot of cool stuff with UF.
  6. Read Proverbs over Facebook Live.
  7. Created a few websites: www.trinovahealth.comwww.lifehousefilms.com and www.boltmovers.com as well as www.tyherndon.com and www.musiccitypickerslive.com with the Music Row Creative group.
  8. I was on a lot of podcasts: That Church Conference, YM SidekickProChurchTools, UnSeminarySeminary for Hard Knocks
  9. I started some podcasts: The Church Communications Podcast and SelfTeach.Me (not yet launched)
  10. I wrote a foreword to a best-selling (on Amazon) book! ReThink.Ministry: The 7 practical Steps to help ministries launch or revamp their current digital strategy (This is an affiliate link. I will make money if you decide to buy it. Maybe like 10¢, which will be nice.)
  11. I wrote 13 blogs post on this blog. I also wrote about not being an expert, about how I’m not good at online small talk, and recanted what I said about SnapChat.

So while I didn’t write many blogs, I did network an insane amount in creating our Facebook Group. It’s amazing to think we started 2016 off with less than 50 members and we’re at around 6,000 members.

The best is yet to come.

Katie Allred

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