1. Birthdays

My birthday is September 14 and my mom’s is the 24th. The month of September is obviously really special to us. Mom got me these sweet flowers, Wesley (with mom’s help) got me a sweet rolling chair, and Morgan, Shelley, and Julisa got me a hammock! It hasn’t came in yet, but I’m super pumped about it.

2. Songza

WOW! What an amazing music app! Way better than Pandora. I love Songza. You can listen to music for the mood you’re in or just listen to music for your favorite artist.

Best part? NO ADS!!!! I  love that they have Work Out playlists that are already made or Cooking music.

It’s available on the internet via www.songza.com, iPhone, or Android.

3. Grad School

I love the University of Florida. GO GATORS! I’m really enjoying what I’m learning in my classes and I’m super grateful for the opportunity to be creative and learn how to be creative. Thus far, I’ve turned in a project in each class.

My two classes are Digital Imagery and Digital Design Layout. Digital Imagery is about how to choose good imagery for websites and how to use Photoshop. Digital Design Layout is focused on inDesign and more print layouts like magazines.

I remade a website with bad imagery in one project and I made a InDesign document about the Olympics. I would post them, but they have so many copyrighted images within them, that I would prefer not to get in trouble with that. Needless to say they’re cool. I think they are anyway.

4. Dairy-free products

I recently became lactose intolerant. I found this out after having really extreme indigestion for a couple of weeks and then cutting out all dairy for a week, and now I’m better. Going dairy free is HARD! I love cheese and creamy stuff. I can’t help it. I was raised with cheese in EVERYTHING! But I’ve been making it work and I feel healthier because of it. I don’t even miss that food because I feel SO MUCH BETTER! Lactose free milk tastes great (even better if it’s organic, I really enjoy Lactose Free Organic Milk by Organic Valley).

I should also add that I stopped taking my allergy medicine too. I usually take Allegra 24 hr every morning. I’ve taken it for over 3 years, but I think it also added to the indigestion. I’ve felt better without it. I’m sneezing, but that’s better than being bloated all day.

I’ve found some great dairy free recipes along the way. I think I’ll have a blog post dedicated to that soon.

5. My Gospel Community

I love my Gospel Community (GC). We have so much fun together. They’re the reason I post such awesome videos. I love every moment I spend in community with these people. I’m looking forward to the growth of our group – spiritually, emotionally, and physically this next semester.

GC’s are a part of Living Hope Church located at Causey Middle School. If you’re not involved in a local church body, then I would love to invite you to join us. I love our church family.

We need a new picture. We’ve grown a lot since this one!

Katie Allred

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