Web tools

My website is currently hosted by Before you scoff at that, know I’ve experienced great customer service. I set up most of my clients with Blue Host.

I’m currently using the “For Writers” child theme of Twenty Fifteen because Dave was nice enough to send me a copy of it. I hacked it up some to play well with what I do. I’ll probably change at least 3x this year. Get excited!

My self-hosted email is through

For productivity and education, I use Google Drive and Gmail extensively. I am a huge Dropbox and Box fan. I use Evernote sometimes.

In the social media, you can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Dribbble,, Reddit, and LinkedIn. You can also see my Klout score if you feel led. I use the Buffer app to manage most of my personal posting, but we use Hootsuite at work.

I trust Google with my analytics and feeds. I have a couple of newsletters going through MailChimp, but nothing too exciting. I love developing using ZURB’s Foundation and HTML5 Boilerplate.

I’m on GitHub, but I honestly don’t understand it and use it that well yet. Don’t judge me. I see that judgement. You can also find me on CodePen. I ask, but don’t answer questions on Stack Overflow.

At work, we use LastPass for password management.

Online Education tools

I use Google Drive to collaborate with classmates when writing. The University of Florida uses Sakai for their LMS and our interactive classes are through Adobe Connect supported by New Horizons.

Creative Tools

I code in Sublime. Emmet makes coding easy and pretty fun.

I do logo work in Illustrator and image manipulation in Photoshop like most of the cool kids. I can also use InDesign, but only if you force me.

What do I have on me?

I should probably tell you that I added some affiliate/referral links throughout. I might make money off of these. I might gain extra storage space or other services from you clicking and signing up for something, but heck, you like me, right?

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