I am not normally one to complain, but this has been downright scary and even slightly mean. I have had an Amazon Seller account since I started college. Now that I’m through my undergrad, I have a lot of books that I have picked up along the way that I need to sell. I have always done this on Amazon. It’s the easiest way and you usually get the best prices (Both for you the Seller, and the consumer). I have always shipped on time, either that day or the day right after they notify me something has sold. I have never had any issues or complaints in my feedback. Actually, I had a 100%.

But Amazon isn’t accusing me of being a bad seller, no. They are accusing me of something much more vague than that. I am accused of having a previous Seller account that was once suspended. That’s a bunch of bologna. I think I triggered their search because I recently switched my method of payment from one lesser known bank to a very well known bank, but that shouldn’t cause them to TAKE DOWN MY ACCOUNT and ACCUSE ME of something I have never done. I feel like a child that was told to get in the corner. I feel like I should post the message they sent me, which read:

Hello from Amazon.

We are writing to let you know that we have removed your selling privileges, canceled your listings, and placed a temporary hold on any funds in your seller account.

We took this action because our records indicate that this account is related to another selling account that was closed by Amazon. Once selling privileges have been removed, sellers are not allowed to establish new accounts.

Due to the proprietary nature of our business, we do not provide detailed information on how we determine that accounts are related. 

We encourage you to take appropriate steps to resolve any pending orders. Note that any amounts paid as a result of A-to-z Guarantee claims and chargebacks may be deducted from your seller account.

After 90 days, any remaining funds will be available per your settlement schedule. Once the hold has been removed, balance and settlement information will be available in the “Payments” section of your seller account. If you have questions about these funds, please write to payments-funds@amazon.com.

While we appreciate your interest in selling on Amazon.com, the closure of this account is a permanent action.


Seller Performance Team

After that it said something along the lines of “Appeal?” so I did that, in which I wrote:

I am not related to another selling account. I don’t know why my account was suspended because I am an individual selling on Amazon and am not selling for anyone else. I ship my items on time and the only things I sell are textbooks that I have used for classes. Please reinstate my account.

That probably sounded desperate, but at the moment I was. I have well over 30 books that took time and effort to even put on Amazon. I’m usually a huge fan on Amazon. I have affiliate links up from them on my blog. I buy stuff from them. I have a Student Prime Account. I really believe they’re going to be bigger than Apple one day, but if this is how they treat people then I want nothing to do with them.

I called Amazon (after finally finding a number) and got transferred to Seller Support. He told the only thing I could do is wait to hear from the performance team. My selling fate lies in the hands of these guys who don’t even really know me and have no idea that I’ve only ever had ONE Amazon account. Great.

They said I would hear a reply back yesterday, but here it is – Sunday afternoon and no Amazon appeal approved. This, my friends, is silly, sad, and a pathetic excuse for customer service.

Our Seller Performance team will review your appeal, and you should expect a reply by Sep 1, 2012 9:13:55 AM PDT.

I know it’ s not my right to sell on Amazon, I know that it’s a service that they’re offering me (and getting paid for!), but really? Why did my account get suspended in the first place?

I’ll be sure to post more update as they come available. Until then…

UPDATE (Monday, 9 AM):

Hello from Amazon.

Thank you for writing.  After a review of your account by an account specialist, we have decided not to reinstate your selling privileges.

We regret we are unable to provide further information on this situation. Further correspondence regarding the closure of your selling account may not be answered.

The closure of this account is a permanent action. Any subsequent accounts that are opened will be closed as well.


Seller Performance Team



UPDATE (Monday, 10 AM): I called Amazon. They did not have anything else to say to me except that I must email the mysterious SELLER PERFORMANCE team and hope for a response, although they said it “may not be answered”. Great.

I recently found out through a friend on Facebook that if you have an Affiliate Account, you cannot have a seller account. I don’t remember reading ANY of this before I signed up for an affiliate account. If that’s true, will someone let me know? I have searched Amazon and found no answer. If that’s true, why don’t they give me the choice? I would rather have my seller account than my affiliate account. Lame.

Recently read that public IP addresses might cause them to suspend your account. I opened and confirmed shipping at the school the other day. Would a public IP address really trip off Amazon to close my account? Anyone know?

UPDATE (Monday, September 10): WE WON!!!!

Hello from Amazon.com.

Thank you for your email regarding your selling account.

Jeff Bezos received your correspondence and asked that I respond on his behalf. We have reviewed this situation and have reactivated your account.

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. In our efforts to protect our community, we sometimes err on the side of caution.

We appreciate your interest and wish you the best of luck selling on Amazon.com.


Seller Performance Team



Want to find out what I emailed to Jeff? Check out this post.

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