Lifehouse Wedding Films

I created Lafe’s website,, back in March. Since then, he’s seen growth in both client leads as well as organic site hits. Lafe is the perfect client to work with and he makes some amazing videos.

What Lifehouse Wedding Films Had to Say

There are so many flaky web folks out there. They over-promise and under-deliver. I needed someone to take my website from conception to completion and meet the required deadlines. Katie did it! I was blown away by Katie’s promptness and communication throughout the process. I never had to wait on her. She actually had to wait on me! But she didn’t even let that stop us. She sent me friendly reminders about our deadline, and in the end, I have a beautiful site that I’m proud of and that represents my brand. She promised and delivered…quickly! Thanks Katie!

Lafe Blobaum

What Lifehouse Wedding Films Needed

More time. He knew he could make a website himself, but he also knew he didn’t have time to. He heard that I knew something about WordPress through a friend and called me.

We set up a pretty lean WordPress site with a theme purchased from Themeforest. I did a lot of content organizing and placement as well as some custom web design to the theme.

Check out Lifehouse Wedding Film’s portfolio and website.

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Katie Allred


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