How To Save Money: Your Nonprofit’s Guide [Nonprofit Discounts]

Finding nonprofit discounts on a company’s website is near impossible. They’re not usually available on the pricing pages of most websites. Don’t worry! I’ve emailed and tracked down most of the nonprofit discounts for you—saving you countless hours.

Did you know that Google gives $10,000 a month in free ads through their AdGrant program? That’s awesome, right?

These discounts apply to charity organizations, churches, and other not-for-profit organizations that usually have a 501(c)(3) nonprofit status in the United States. There are many discounts for nonprofit organizations that are hard to find. Hopefully this list makes it easier.

If there are nonprofit discounts that I missed, please let me know in the comments below!

Nonprofit Discounts for Social Media Management

Nonprofit Discounts for Hosting and Domains

Nonprofit Discounts for Email Marketing

Nonprofit Discounts for Graphic Design/Video/Creative Software

Nonprofit Discounts for Other Web Services

You can save your nonprofit money by using this handy guide to nonprofit discounts

Let us know in the comments below if you offer special pricing for nonprofits.


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5 Responses

  1. Hi, Katie! Great post. Very helpful! Another one is Piktochart, which looks great for infographics (I haven’t used it yet, but it was recently recommended to me). Their nonprofit price is $40/year for the pro plan. Also, a note on Mailchimp. For smaller nonprofits, paying for a plan may not even be necessary. On the Forever Free plan, you get 12,000 emails per month and can have up to 2,000 total subscribers. For our church of 200-ish members, this has been sufficient. Thanks again for the great info!

  2. Hi Katie! Thanks for the resources. Another resource that we use is: They offer services/discounts for churches…one of the discounts we use quite a bit is with Office Depot for office supplies and printing. They are partners with other vendors as well

  3. Great list Katie, I track this type of stuff too and you have some things on here I didn’t. One that you don’t have here that people might be interested to know about is Office365. As a nonprofit you can get their Business Premium license for $2/month, which includes all the Office apps for your computer and up to 5 devices. It has to run through TechSoup, but is just as easy as G Suite.

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