Today I feel like I have a lot to get done so I thought I’d make a blog about it and see how much gets accomplished.

I’m going to do my laundry as soon as I’m done with this. I’m going to dry my hair and put on makeup. After that, I’m going to eat some breakfast. Then I think I’ll try to google some restaurants around Mobile and try to find something for 16 people to eat at that’s not WOAH expensive and uniquely Mobile.

If I can’t, I might go riding around after my RamKids interview. My interview will be at 3 pm! I’m so excited and REALLY hope I get it because that would really take a load off me and my mom… and the trust fund. heh. I also really love kids and think I would make a great mentor, but not only that I want to disciple someone. I mean, I won’t throw my beliefs at anyone, but I really want to love a kid so much that they want to know why I do so that way I can let them know about Jesus!

Today, I also need to take my books back to the school’s library. I have two that I didn’t even have to use! I also need to STUDY FOR MY CIS TEST AND MATH FINAL!!! I really need to get ready for that. Talking about that I need to text Tiffany and get some of her math tests I lost. Whoops.

I really love Pandora Radio if anyone didn’t know. It’s on my iPod touch (stinks that it doesn’t work on the road, one day I will get an iPhone… when I think the technology is actually there.) It’s also just a website so I’m going to plug it in right here.

Next week I’m gonna have to get ready for my family to come up! Well actually it’s momma, Rebecca, and Ms. Sherry, but still! That’s a lot to put in ONE dorm room.

This summer, I will be working at Centrikid/Crosspoint so I wanted to tell ya’ll that this is going to be my travel blog also and I can update it through my phone, but it may take at least 3 hours to type a long one, so it might just be short updates or you can follow me on my Twitter (which is connected with my facebook) and I’ll be doing pictures and everything! I’m very excited!

Well I must go and do my laundry now!

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