Peeling Peach GIFIt’s peach season, e’erybody! I grew up in Clanton, AL, home of the peach water tower, peach park, and peach queens. I love peaches! They’re easily my favorite fruit. But you know what I don’t like about peaches? Peeling them. It’s a mess and no fun.

Peeling peaches should be easy, but it’s not. When you attempt to peel a peach, most of the time you cut off a lot of the peach’s flesh–major bummer for you and the peach.

So is there a better way to peel peaches? Yes!

What you need

What you’ll do

  1. Fill up a large boiling pot about half way.
  2. Put boiler on high heat.
  3. Let water get to a rolling boil.
  4. Then take your peach and put it in the water. I recommend using a spaghetti server or a slotted spoon.
  5. Let it sit in there for 30 seconds. I usually do a bunch at once and I just set a timer for like 20 minutes so I can keep going without starting/stopping a timer. I would do one the first time to just make sure you get the hang of it.
  6. Put the peach(es) in a a bowl of cold water.Peaches in Water
  7. After your finished doing as many as you want, then you should be able to pull the peach’s skin off with no problem. If the skins aren’t pulling off easily, your peaches may not be ripe enough. That’s ok–just set everything to the side and wait another day. Do not put peaches in fridge, it won’t help them ripen.Peel Lots of Peaches
  8. Of course, afterwards you’ll need to cut them up, put sugar on them, and then add some Fruit Fresh (this amazing citric acid mix that helps keep fruit from turning brown). You can keep them in the fridge for a couple of days, but I highly recommend freezing them in freezer bags.

Tah-dah! You just peeled a lot peaches!

Katie Allred

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