Jeni’s Ice Cream (located in 12South and on Eastland Ave. in Nashville) is probably the best and most unusual ice cream that I’ve ever consumed. Since my first visit, two weeks ago, I have probably visited Jeni’s five times. That being said, I love it.

Let’s start off with my favorite flavor thus far: Loveless Biscuits and Peach Jam.

Who thought of this? Can I kiss them? I’m in love. Delicious, sweet, and savory. You can taste the butter in the biscuits and Nashville in every bite. AND GUYS, YOU CAN ORDER IT ONLINE!!!

Also the peach jam was made with in-season Peach Truck Georgia peaches. Can you beat that? Ok, maybe if it was Clanton peaches… because my heart is always in my native homeland (someone needs to redo that website, stat!).

I also really love the Cloverton (cheese ice cream… I love cheese. I love ice cream. I love cheese ice cream.) and Roasted Strawberry Buttermilk (which is darker than the photo shows).

If you are visiting Nashville, this ice cream is a must stop for any visitor or resident alike.

photo credit: Easton Town Center via photopin (license)

Katie Allred

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