How to Use SnapChat for Churches

We love SnapChat. It’s confusing, but we love it. It’s a big hit with the kids these days and it’s growing. It has a user base of 55+ million and it’s not stopping there.

But what’s to SnapChat? Just quick pictures, right?

Well, not exactly. It’s about capturing a moment, a memory. Kairos is a Greek word for the right moment. SnapChat is for capturing the “right moment”. I had to put some Greek in here–we are Christians after all.

So what have I learned since posting the SnapChat Guide for Churches on a couple of months ago?

1. Don’t forget to actually snap.

I could go weeks and forget. It’s easy to do cause we don’t actually have any friends. I go into an explanation on that in my earlier post. But you have to snap and do it on the daily. Hustle, y’all.

2. You don’t have to snap worship.

People love the mundane as much as they love the extreme. Take a picture of your latte. Grab a picture of a staff meeting. People want to see your staff being silly. Let this be an outlet of authenticity in your ministry.

3. Just do you.

SnapChat is loved because it was personal. Our audience is getting to know me through this. Is that ok? I guess so. I’m the face behind all the social anyways. 🙂

How are you using SnapChat? Are you using it to build a brand? Tell a story? Just personal? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Thanks, Katie for this article. Do you know any churches that have done something really interesting with snapchat?

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