How to Know You Have a Great Boss

I’ve had some great bosses in the past and I’ve also had some awful bosses. Leading doesn’t suit everyone well.

Let’s just say it: Some people are great at “doing” and some people are great at “leading”. And it’s ok to not be great at both, or to be great at one or the other.

Either way, it’s pretty easy to tell if you have a great boss. You already know if you do, but either way… here’s three ways you can know that you have a great boss, or three ways that you too can be a great boss.

  1. He gives away credit. I love when my boss gives away credit that he could take. There are several things we work on together. Some things happen to turn out great all on their own, but I love it when he gives away credit. I appreciate hearing in front of his superiors and peers that I did a great job. He can tell me that I did a great job, but hearing my boss tell others is better.
  2. He is a stop sign. There are a lot of things trying to take away my time at work. But yet, my boss makes it clear and easy for me to do my best work without becoming overwhelmed. He sets clear deadlines. He filters through requests that I get to make certain that what I do have is worth my time. This is important because work is important. God created us to do work–good work.[bctt tweet=”God created us to do work–good work.”]
  3. You give meaningful work. I remember learning in my Christian Business Ethics’ course that a boss’s duty is to give meaningful work. That doesn’t mean that we don’t have to wade through what feels like “busy” work. Sometimes that stuff just has to happen and we have to do it, but at the end of the day my boss reminds us that our work has meaning and purpose. He casts vision and reminds us of it. He’s ok with us taking chances because he takes them too.

Right now, I have a pretty great boss. Is it ok to brag? I’ve had my fair share of awful bosses – the type that micromanage and that don’t let you grow because they’re afraid of you. Darrel is quite the opposite of that, and I’m grateful. I moved 437 miles in search of a good boss and God’s calling – I’m glad to have found just that.

Do you have a good boss? Feel free to brag on them in the comments of shout out on Twitter using #goodboss.

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  1. This is fantastic! I will be tweeting it like its hot. Your last line of how far you moved was money because I don’t think we regularly put as much value on our bosses leadership as we do what he can pay us. Love that you pointed that out.

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