I wanted to start writing more and figured that I could handle writing about 5 things of anything so here it goes.

My first 5 things will be Things About Me!… which is kinda lame, but you gotta start somewhere.

1. I love Jesus and I’m still a sinner.

I want to be as authentic as possible in saying that I love Jesus, who he is and what’s he done for me, but I’m still a miserable sinner that fails him more and more everyday. The greatest part of knowing Christ is knowing that He still loves me anyway and wants to help correct me. Obedience is very freeing because it means that my plans are not his plans and for that I am very grateful.

2. I love technology and most things nerdy.

From this post to this post… you’ve probably became acquainted with my nerdiness. I’m real with it. (Hence, nerdiness just got real)

3. I am country.

I don’t say this easily. I tried for so long to shed my country-ness (?). But I’m coming to terms that it’s a good thing. I cook with buttermilk, butter, and cornmeal. I make way too much food for one sitting. I love to feed people. Ok, almost all my country-ness deals with food mostly. I also really enjoy fishing and was raised on a dirt road.

4. I am a foodie.

Ok, I’ve already talked about food… but I love it! I love cooking and eating.

5. My middle name is Joy.

I believe I’ve seen a lot of sorrow and suffering for my 23 years, but my middle name is Joy. I live like it is.

Katie Allred

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