10 of the Best Sites for Learning Copywriting

10 of the Best Sites for Learning Copywriting

Maybe you’re a great web designer and you want to learn about more about copywriting. Maybe you’re just an average blogger, but you want to sell a book or just write better.

Either way–you could benefit from learning copywriting.

I’ve spent the last year learning about copywriting. Actually, I’ve already wrote a post on how to become a better copywriter. While there are many paid courses out there, you can easily get a free education through many of these sites. Without further ado, here are 10 of the best sites for learning copywriting.

1. Kopywriting Kourse

I love Neville Medora. He could probably write some copy on buying a frog and I’d want to buy a frog. While his “kopywriting kourse” cost money (and is worth it), his blog is free. He offers so much great insight into why people buy and sell.

Favorite posts:

2. QuickSprout

Neil Patel is another favorite. I would also buy a frog from him, if he was selling frogs. Neil works on so many outlets. You look on some random website and there’s Neil! If you’re just getting started writing or selling online, you’ve got to follow Neil.

Favorite posts:

3. ProBlogger

Darren Rowse has been blogging since 2002. His blog offers an interesting perspective on content marketing, blogging, and copywriting.

Favorite posts:

4. Copyblogger

CopyBlogger is the brainchild of Brian Clark. He’s created a kingdom of WordPress, copy, and content resources. Copyblogger has morphed from a blog to also include podcasts and educational resources like seminars.

Favorite posts:

5. Copy Hackers

CopyHackers is brought to you by Joanna Wiebe and Lance Jones. While I’m pretty new to Copy Hackers, they have some great content on how to write and how to improve your writing.

Favorite posts:

6. Make A Living Writing

Carol Tice started “Make a Living Writing” in 2005. For 10 years, she’s shared big wins in her own freelancing and helped freelance writers win too.

Favorite posts:

7. Copywriter’s Crucible

Matt Ambrose’s blog, the Copywriter’s Crucible, is a highly rated resource for copywriters and business owners.

Favorite posts:

8. Copywriter’s Roundtable

John Forde will teach you how to sell with writing. His blog comes recommended from many other copywriters.

Favorite posts:

9. Kissmetrics

Kissmetrics actually sells analytics software, but who better to tell you about copywriting than 1) a company that sells stuff using copy and 2) a company that knows analytics. Oh, and Neil Patel is on here (cause he’s everywhere!).

Favorite posts:

10. Buffer

I write about Buffer’s blog a lot. I love Buffer–their blog, their service, their happiness heros that I want to hug. I would cuddle with Buffer, if Buffer was a person. They’re just so reliable, ya know?

Favorite posts:

Not a full list!

While I listed my favorites, this is not a conclusive list. It would probably take me all day to track down all the copywriting websites online.

If you have a favorite that’s not listed, let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Hi Kate, Thanks a lot for including me in your list, and among such highly rated company. It’s always satisfying to discover people find my posts helpful. Great inspiration to write plenty more.

  2. Ohhhh mama do I have some reading to do! This post is fabulous. Can’t wait to dig in – I like writing, but copywriting is a whole other beast. Thanks for taking the time to compile it.

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