You’re probably the world’s best copywriter.

I totally get that. You’re like selling stuff and people’s just eat up your words like the hot sign went on at Krispy Kreme.

But some of us, most of us, are not that blessed in the gift of copywriting gab. But thankfully, there’s a multitude of great courses and content to help you become better!

1. Kopywriting Kourse

Please forgive this guy’s french. He’s a bit of a sailor, but he’s also a bit of a freakin’ genius. Just read some of the blog and you’ll fall in love.

He’s got what you want and I think the course is probably worth the investment. (Albeit, I haven’t bought it myself, but the free stuff is good!)


Are you blogging? Like, really everyday blogging? Do you need some help blogging?

I’ll just throw it out there that I’m great at helping you get started blogging. Whether that’s setting up your blog, picking a theme, customizing a theme, or setting up an editorial calendar with loads of headlines for you to write from. If you need me just holla at me on this form!

Anyway, back to CopyBlogger. They write good content that helps you become better at producing GREAT content, which is what it’s all about.

Some favorite posts:

3. Groove HQ

You know how IT companies have Help Desk software that let’s them track tickets? Well that’s what Groove HQ does.

What does that have to do with copywriting?

Pretty much nothing, except that they ROCK at it. They’re blog is full of great content marketing information and even though copywriting is not their main business, there’s still something you can learn.

4. QuickSprout’s Guide to Copywriting

This is a really great guide–with homework! I know, you love homework. 😉

Honestly, this is actually the only place I’ve seen that gives actual assignments that you don’t have to pay for. Consider the homework a blessing. It’s good to get ideas out of your head and on paper.

I recommend doing this course with actual pen & paper. There’s something to be said about how writing connect’s with our brains. But I’m not a real scientist so you can do what you want.

With that being said, there’s some real practical advice throughout this guide and the great thing is that it’s not outdated. This is written for those of us that write web copy, as well as those who write for print.


You’re a good copywriter–but you can be a great copywriter. With some tools in your belt, you could be the next Ironman of copywriters.

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Do you have any favorite resources to get better at writing copy? Let me know in the comments below!


Katie Allred

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