Do you love curating content? Ok, you might not know what that means.

How about: Do you love sharing great articles? Do you read blogs and news sites daily?

Then you should automate all of this!

Enter Digg Reader and Buffer to automate your content curation.

Digg has been around the internet for ages, but did you know they have an RSS reader? You can organize your favorite RSS feeds into folders.

From there, it’s pretty easy to read all the RSS feeds you like, but sharing them on Digg Reader was kind of a headache. I also liked Digg’s Reader app, which changes the articles into an easier reading format, removing all ads and junk, and leaving just the content. (Tried to like Feedly after Google Reader died and just didn’t. Digg is cleaner.)

So how did I make Digg and Buffer work together?


I love IFTTT. If you’re not using it, well, we can still be friends, but you should. IFTTT automates your life.

I created a “recipe” that if I “digg” an article then the Title and URL of that article gets sent to my Buffer queue.

And just like that, I am now an automation content marketing GENIUS! (Just kidding, I’m not that smart. 💁)

You can find the recipe here.

Katie Allred

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