Do you love Twitter? I spend a couple hours a lot of time browsing multiple social networks, reading blogs, participating in Twitter chats, and investing into various online communities. One of those is the church communications community on Twitter.

Here are 12 Church Communication experts (in no order) you should follow on Twitter right now (You’ll get a free Church Communication education and they’re pretty nice people, they’ll actually tweet you back 😉):

Darrel-G1. Darrel Girardier

Darrel is the Creative Director at Brentwood Baptist Church, and yes, he is my boss. I moved 437 miles for him to be my boss–that’s how awesome he is.

Darrel shares his blog where he writes and has a podcast. On occasion, he even mentions me.

Dave-Shrein2. Dave Shrein

Dave is such kind person. He’s extremely helpful and insightful. I think he was the first church communication person to ever tweet me. He’s pretty much the reason I started using Twitter again.

Steven-Fogg3. Steven Fogg

Steven is from Australia so that gives him like 10 bonus cool points. He’s the host of #cmschat and his blog is a great resource for church communicators.

Jeremy-Smith4. Jeremy Smith

I met Jeremy through writing for He’s really great and such an encourager of my work. He tweets and retweets quality content for the church.

Joe-Gallant 9.11.16 PM5. Joe Gallant

Joe curates a lot of great content through his twitter feed. It’s not all church comm all the time, but that’s basically how I like to keep mine–balanced. His blog also offers some insight into how church communication is in Bournemouth (which I literally just had to Google where that was).

Tim-Gaskins6. Tim Gaskins

Tim is a church communicator at Calvary Bible. His blog features a really great recap from #CreativeMissions this year.

He tweets about graphic design, publications, web, and social media.

Josh-Burns7. Josh Burns

Josh is someone I look up to. Between Social Church and the Foundations Conference, Josh is someone to keep an eye on.

Phil-Bowdie8. Phil Bowdie

Phil is the Creative Arts Pastor at West Ridge Church. I won’t lie his picture kinda makes me think he’s a lumberjack–the lumberjack of church communications. He blogs and tweets about communications, creativity, social media and more.

Gerry-True9. Gerry True

Gerry is the Communication Arts Leader at Oak Hills Church. His blog is about faith, creativity, and leadership. He’s also a great photographer and shares some free images on his website.

Kelley-H10. Kelley Hartnett

I needed more women on this post. It was becoming a boys club way too quickly.

Kelley serves as the Director of Culture & Connections at The Way. Her blog features stories and lessons connecting the bible to life.

Tim-Peters11. Tim R. Peters

Tim is the Lead Connector at Provident Staffing. He helps churches communicate better through consulting, speaking, conferences, and training products.

Emily-Cummins12. Emily B. Cummins

Emily’s Twitter feed and blog are all about “becoming” who Christ wants you to become. She’s serves in communications at Central Church in Las Vegas, NV.

Katie Allred

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