This past week, I got the opportunity to go on Creative Missions.

What is Creative Missions? It’s a mission trip where creatives go and serve churches and ministries with their talents. It’s kinda like if you were a doctor and you did something medical, but instead I’m a web designer/marketer/social media manager, and I help them do that.

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How did you find out about Creative Missions? I found out about Creative Missions on Twitter via the #CreativeMissions hashtag. I applied when they announced open applications back in the fall. You can sign up for the newsletter on their website.

Wait, you mean to say you applied for something you found on the internet and you knew none of these people? Yup. That’s pretty normal these days.

So where did you go? We served the state of Vermont and worked with 15 church planters. We stayed at the Bishop Booth Conference Center, beside Lake Champlain. It was BEAUTIFUL.

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Here’s the official stats on what we were able to get done in 6 days:

  • 8 new websites or website redesigns
  • 17 logo designs and branding packages created
  • 33 print designs (business cards, invite cards, post cards, etc.)
  • 23 signs and banners designed 16 videos created
  • 20 training, audits, consulting or social media strategy sessions
  • 5 photo sessions with 500 photos provided
  • 24 miscellaneous graphics created (event graphics, etc.)
  • 9 audio/video or IT installs 20 documents, manuals or guides created
  • 81,000+ drone feet flown (that’s over 15 miles)

(See more at: Church Marketing Sucks)

5 Questions After a Mission Trip

When I started traveling back, my friend Jessica sent me this list of questions. I’m pretty sure this is a standard list of questions she must ask all her missionary friends, but it’s a pretty good list of questions and I challenge you to ask yourself these next time you serve somewhere.

  1. Favorite part?
  2. Worst part?
  3. Thing you didn’t expect?
  4. Things you expected and didn’t find?
  5. Biggest victory?

Favorite part…

Being told that we were “just in time” and that what we had to offer was needed. They said a lot of mission trips that come there want to paint a house, or feed the hungry, and then it takes that church planter a lot of time to plan a trip like that and then to find a need for them to meet, and often their own congregants can do that.

This trip, we were coming to help the people with relationships already in place. I LOVE THAT. One of our church planters told our coordinator, “I just can’t stop smiling.” That’s what creative missions is about. Helping the local church to do their work better and to get some this technical stuff off their plate.

Worst part….

Getting these weird insect bites, but it was after playing laser tag in the woods right off the ridge of Lake Champlain, so a girl can’t complain that much.

I didn’t expect…

For our team or the teams, to work together as well as they did. I love that no one complained and we got the job done. I also didn’t expect for drones to be this trendy.

Things you expected and didn’t find…

Pancakes. You guys, I ate maple apple bacon pizza, maple melt sub, maple ice cream, maple soft serve, maple donuts, and maple cream, but NO PANCAKES. WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?

Biggest victory…

I love love love this website I created

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Thank you

I want to give a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who gave to cover this trip. It’s because of your generosity that I got to create 3 church websites and help train 5 church plants on web and social media. THANK YOU.

Here’s a list of everyone that gave and get’s high fives for life!

Brent Ellis
John Dansby
Luke Easley
Nelda LeCroy
Amanda Cleckler
Sherry Buckner
Tanner Moushey
Amy Lamb
Rebecca and Brandon Edwards
Susan Hill
Justin Dean
Brandon Rowe
Blanche McElfresh
Amanda Sosa
Lindsey Baker
Rachel Kotlan
Janie Byne
Nate and Colby Baker
Arielle Nacol
Kirk Sutherland
Madison Helms
Dave Alan
Brian Dodridge
Sarah Kate Davis
Julie Monell
Lauren Deas
Lisa Francisco
Meghan Howard
Joe Campbell

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