Divi Wordpress Theme for Churches

15 Powerful Examples of Churches Using the Divi Theme

Below are 15 examples of churches using Divi. Divi is an amazing WordPress theme created by Elegant Themes. It’s really versatile and I love what it can do.

Divi is also a cost-effective theme for churches. If your church buys the “lifetime” package, you get unlimited updates for life. That’s awesome! Not many companies come with that type of pricing.

Click here to buy Divi now through my affliate link. If you click on any of affliate links throughout this post, I do get a small commission, but you like me, right?

Elegant Themes recently released the newest version of Divi making the theme much more robust and customizable. Are you a newbie to web design? Just don’t want to code? Then Divi is probably the theme for you.

But here’s the thing, while the examples provided on their website are great, I wanted more. I know there’s the Divi Showcase website, but I wanted real life examples that I just wasn’t finding elsewhere. That’s when I took a deep dive with Google.

After spending a couple of hours searching, I realized that compiling a list of the best Divi sites might help someone else looking for inspiration. So here’s what I found.

This post is in a series of posts about WordPress themes for churches, also check out the post I wrote about the Avada WordPress Theme.

#1 – Two Rivers Church

Two Rivers Church - Churches Using Divi

#2 – City Awakening Church

City Awakening Church - Churches Using Divi

#3 – Two Cities Church

Two Cities Church - Churches Using Divi

#4 – First Church OK

First Church - Churches Using Divi

#5 – People’s Church

Peoples Church - Churches Using Divi

#6 – Brazos Fellowship

Brazos Fellowship - Churches Using Divi

#7 – First United Methodist Arkadelphia

First United Methodist Church Arkadelphia - Churches Using Divi

#8 – Journey Church

Journey Church - Churches Using Divi

#9 – Bellevue Baptist Church

Bellevue Baptist Church - Churches Using Divi

#10 – Life Church

Life Church - Churches Using Divi#11 – Threehouse

Threehouse - Churches Using Divi

#12 – Grace United Methodist Church

Grace United - Churches Using Divi

#13 – Grace Baptist Church

Grace Baptist Church - Churches Using Divi

#14 – First Christian Church

First Christian Church - Churches Using Divi

#15 – Glencoe First Baptist Church

First Baptist Church of Glencoe OK - Churches Using Divi


If you want to buy Divi, then you can visit Elegant Themes.

I recommend the Lifetime package since it’s the best deal. If you use my link, I get a small commission. You won’t be charged more and I’ll give you a virtual high five. 🙏 (Need hosting? Here’s my favorite cheap web host.)

Looking to build a personal website? A business website? Check out these examples.


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To find any WordPress theme, go to Google.com and type in:


Make sure to use the quotations, because that’s specific. Also the theme name will be the folder’s theme name so the theme, “Twenty Fifteen” will be “twentyfifteen” instead.

Here’s how to look for Divi. —> “wp-content/themes/divi” or here’s a link to that search.


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