You should be blogging.

Everyone, and I mean, everyone has something to teach and everyone has something they can learn from you. Only you have the stories you have, only you know how to do your job as well as you do, and only YOU can share this information with the world! Let’s do it! How to Start an Awesome Blog in 4 Easy Steps


#1. Get Hosting and Domain

For hosting, I recommend BlueHost (affiliate link). I set up almost all of my clients on BlueHost because it’s affordable and reliable. You also get a free domain name if you go through my affiliate link!

#2. Install WordPress

Installing WordPress is pretty easy. After you finish purchasing, you will be taken to your dashboard. You should be able to find “WordPress” on the list of options. Click that and it will take you through the process.


#3. Choose a Theme

There are millions of themes out there and if you wade through all of them, you will end up never writing.

For most of my clients, I use Divi by Elegant Themes (affliate link). It’s versatile and user-friendly. I can build any type of website with Divi from a blog to a business site. I wrote a post previously on 10 different websites made with Divi.

Divi WordPress Theme

I recommend purchasing a lifetime subscription to Elegant Themes.


You won’t have to re-purchase to get updates every year, and you’ll need the updates since WordPress itself is updated frequently. Also, Elegant Themes has come out with some really useful plugins like Bloom and Monarch. Bloom helps with getting email sign ups. It creates really awesome email sign up forms for you and also allows you to hide content until you get an email sign up. It’s super useful. Monarch creates really snazzy sharing buttons.

If you’re not in love with any of the Divi or Elegant Theme options you see, then there are plenty of options on ThemeForest–just be careful. Choose a theme with a high rating and recent updates.

#4. Get to Writing!

A blog is only as useful as the person writing it. You have ideas to share and stories to tell. Let’s hear them!

Katie Allred

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